Warning – Don’t Pay a Penny Plz


Beware of Cheaters

It is noted with concern that some sites are charging Thousands of Rupees or Dollars for providing Ismeazam to desirous brother/sisters.

It is amazing that such sites, submit names received by them through emails, to our site (www.ismeazam-allah.com), get Ismeazam from us and forward the same to various people after charging heavy amounts.

Interestingly, any body can search and witness that certain sites have copied exact para after para content of our main Page (Ismeazam) on their websites.

We advise all such cheaters to stop this un-ethical practice immediately, other wise we may publish links/ images of their sites and also undertake appropriate measures against them.

Brother/ sisters are also requested to be careful and pay not even a single Penny for getting their Ismeazam.